Creating an Export File

You will learn how to create an export file in this section. The export file contains all of the necessary information needed to update the Basmati database. You must create an export file whenever you wish to update the information on the internet.

To create the export file in Grade Machine, first select the File menu and then select Export as shown in the diagram below:

You will then see the Export to dialog box appear. From this box, select the Basmati filter. The diagram below demonstrates selecting the an example of a filter -- your specific filter may differ. You should choose the one with your school name. Typically, there will only be one Basmati filter available. If you don't see a Basmati filter in this dialog box, you haven't copied the Basmati filter to the FILTERS subfolder.

Click OK and Grade Machine will prompt you for a filename and location to save the export file. You may rename the file if you wish. IMPORTANT: You must remember where you save this file, as you will need to be able to find it later. The diagram below illustrates what you should see when saving the file:


You may repeat this process for all of your classes if you wish -- just be certain to give each export file a unique name.

After you've created the export file(s), you are ready to transfer the file(s) to the Basmati server for final processing.

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